Masquerade – Kylie Fornasier


Title: Masquerade

Author: Kylie Fornasier

Publisher: Penguin Australia

Year: 2014

Page Count: 340 Pages

ISBN: 9780143571070

Masquerade is the debut novel for Australian author Kylie Fornasier. I first heard about this book in June at the Sydney Penguin Teen Australia Live Event. I was lucky to get to hear Fornasier talk about this book firsthand, and she instantly had me wanting this book. I am normally not the biggest fan of Australian authors – it honestly is nothing personal but I have never managed to find an Australian book that I can rave about. Masquerade changes this, as it was a book I thoroughly enjoyed. I enjoyed it so much, that I’ve decided to set myself a little goal. Each month I want to read and review at least one Australian book, and I’m starting this month with the one and only Masquerade.

Masquerade is set in 1750’s Venice, and follows seven teenagers whose lives intercross with one another. All seven characters are hiding something, whether this deals with their loves, desires, loyalties, or beliefs, and the Venice setting of ballrooms, theatres, palazzos, and promenades mean that the drama is intensified with gossip, games, and schemes threatening to have it all come crashing down. Everyone is being played by someone who knows more than they do, and coincidentally they too are being played. This is everything you could want in a novel – mystery, scandal, drama, and romance.

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